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Table 1 Overseas military missions of Germany (UN, NATO, EU) and Japan (UN, US led) since 1990

From: Reluctant civilian world powers? How nationalism threatens the soft power image of Japan and Germany

  Germany Japan
1991   Minesweepers Persian Gulf to support US war effort in Iraq
1992/1993 Cambodia UNTAC mission Cambodia UNTAC mission
1993/94 UN mission Somalia UN mission Mozambique
   UN Golan Heights observer mission
1999-as of this date NATO led mission (Kfor) in Ex-Yugoslavia  
2001–2010   Maritime refueling logistic support for the US in the Indian Ocean
2004   Troops stationed from 2003 to 2007 in Iraq in support of US war against terror
since 2006 UN led mission in Libanon  
since 2008 UN led mission in Darfur (Sudan)  
  EU Atalanta mission Somalia  
Since 2009   Maritime anti-piracy support in the Gulf of Aden (Somalia)
   Set up permanent military base in Djibouti
Since 2011 UNMIS mission in South Sudan UNMIS mission in South Sudan
2002–2014 ISAF-Nato mission in Afghanistan  
since 2012 Nato active fence mission in Turkey  
since 2015 Nato resolute support force in Afghanistan  
  Military advisers in Iraq  
  Germany sends Tornado jets against IS  
from 2016 Increase German contingent in Mali up to 700 soldiers  
Peak number abroad at one point in time 4,000 (10,000 up to 2002) 600
Total number dispatched 380,000 9,300
total number of missions 56 13
killed in action 103 0
Updated status 2016 At present, Germany has a total of 3.364 soldiers abroad on various missions (thereof PKO total: 200) At present, Japan contributes a 272-strong engineering unit to the UN Mission in the Republic of South Sudan
  1. Sources:ätze_der_Bundeswehr for Germany and for Japan (own compilation)