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Table 1 Roots of social sciences

From: Western and/or universal social sciences?

Year Period Discipline
2000 Globalization, Fundamentalism Media sciences, cognitive sciences, cultural studies, future studies
1900 Imperialism, Really existing Socialism, Fascism, Decolonization Psychology, Racism, Marxism-Leninism, ethnology, ecology
1800 Industrialization, Abolition of Slavery Sociology, anthropology
1700 Encyclopedia, Enlightenment, French Revolution, American Independence Economics, pedagogy, statistics
1600 Nation-building, English Revolution Political science
1500 Humanism, Colonialism Natural Sciences
1400 Renaissance Medicine, Law
1200 First modern universities, capitalism, Bourgeoisie Theology, business administration
1000 Islam Social Sciences
500 Christianity Universalism
0 Roman Empire Law, libraries
−500 Greek antiquity, Confucianism, Buddhism Philosophy, Mathematics
− 1000 Judaism Universalism
− 3000 Ancient Egypt, China Bureaucracy
− 5000 Indus culture Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine
− 8000 Mesopotamia Writing, History, Geography, Law